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A Useful Bag. To Keep Things In.

Yes, it’s “Well Shopped” day. I’m looking for ways to haul freight around. Having convinced myself that I should begin avoiding the grocery-store plastic, I’ve assembled a motley collection of freebie re-useable bags in purple, shocking pink, and green–all with huge advertisements. I didn’t have to travel far to find some much more attractive grocery […]

My Tale’s Told

It’s cold outside. How. Cold. Is. It? Well, it’s so cold that the ice cream parlor is having a sidewalk sale. It’s so cold that the dog is too insulted to go outside. It’s so cold that a flasher walked up to me in the park and described himself. I’m in search of warmth, and I went to Etsy this week to find some. My only criteria was that the mittens had to be hand-knit–no repurposed stuff cut and sewn. Here are three of the warmest ideas I’ve seen in a long time: