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Time for some Orchids and Onions

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, and boy, do I have a lot to be thankful for. I’ll write about that more tomorrow. For now, I’m afraid it’s time to pass out the orchids and onions again. Some are rosary and jewelry related, some not: The onion is jointly shared. It’s going out to Swarovski (the […]

Your Cheatin’ Heart: Beautifying Your Pearls

This is a little trick I’ve evolved that will help both rosary makers and people who want to play around with their jewelry. The secret is: Just about anything looks better when you hand knot it on silk. By “just about anything” I mean strands of affordable pearls–real or glass–and certain gemstones. Hand knotting adds […]

Giving Your Rosary that “Desert Fathers” Look: Liver of Sulfur

Patina is all the rage now. People who wear fashion jewelry go around in stuff that would have sent my grandmother racing for the Gorham’s.¬† While this may be a bit extreme, fine jewelers have always used oxidation and patina to bring out the beauty of their pieces. Chances are, your rosary fixtures have been […]