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The Rosarymaker’s Hints: The Ultimate Little Boxes

I am the queen of disorganization. I have a beautiful studio on the top floor of our row house, and I abandoned it in July because of the heat. I’m still working down here at the kitchen table, even though I’m now officially freezing, and I have to use an electric space heater. Over the […]

Your Cheatin’ Heart: Beautifying Your Pearls

This is a little trick I’ve evolved that will help both rosary makers and people who want to play around with their jewelry. The secret is: Just about anything looks better when you hand knot it on silk. By “just about anything” I mean strands of affordable pearls–real or glass–and certain gemstones. Hand knotting adds […]

Giving Your Rosary that “Desert Fathers” Look: Liver of Sulfur

Patina is all the rage now. People who wear fashion jewelry go around in stuff that would have sent my grandmother racing for the Gorham’s.¬† While this may be a bit extreme, fine jewelers have always used oxidation and patina to bring out the beauty of their pieces. Chances are, your rosary fixtures have been […]