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Bead Spirals: A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Glass Artist Keith Kreitter makes beautiful pendants inspired by the Universe itself. They evoke swirling galaxies and nebulae through dichroic glass with inclusions of metals, opal, and other materials. A collection of the pendants at Beadazzled captivated my husband last year, and I found we owned five of them in different colors and forms. What […]

Worktable Previews: Recycled Records

I’ve been having a wonderful time working with (and selling!) some newly designed necklaces with an African theme. People in Nigeria have managed to come up with some of the most ingeniously recycled beads we’re likely to find anywhere. They’re made of old phonograph records–either vulcanite rubber or the more modern vinyl–cut into hundreds or […]

Time for some Orchids and Onions

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, and boy, do I have a lot to be thankful for. I’ll write about that more tomorrow. For now, I’m afraid it’s time to pass out the orchids and onions again. Some are rosary and jewelry related, some not: The onion is jointly shared. It’s going out to Swarovski (the […]