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Dirty Beads: Deal with them…

We’ve had a pretty interesting conversation going on in the Rosary_Makers Yahoo group. It started out as a discussion of the Intergem show which many of us attend, but it quickly became a chat about sanitation in general, and especially the bead-worker’s dirty little secret: Beads, whether new or antique, can be really filthy. This […]

Anglican Bracelet Rosaries: A New Approach

Bracelet rosaries are exceptionally popular as gift items for Catholics, and I sell a lot of them at Atelier-Beads. Traditionally, they’re dressy and formal, lavished with silver and using very fine gemstones. But they can be as casual and comfortable as a pair of jeans. A Catholic rosary bracelet traditionally includes a single decade (ten […]

How I made the Dragon Crescent Necklace (Part 4 of 4)

Finishing up. We’ll look at the base of the necklace first–the area where you attach the beadwork to the pendant. My particular pendant had no drill holes at all. The only way to secure it was to run a wire loop through the dragons’ mouths. It looked unsightly. My answer to that was to use […]