I’ve compiled these resources over many years. I hope you’ll find them useful!

Praying the Rosary

Links for Anglicans, Catholics, and a special rosary for peace. Prayers >

Making a Rosary

These easy to use instructions have become one of the most popular pages on the site! Clear instructions, illustrations, and techniques are provided for either an Anglican rosary or a full Catholic rosary with medal and crucifix.
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Stones and Beads: Romance, History, and Science

Please note well: I do NOT subscribe to the idea that stones dug out of the earth have special mystical properties, healing capabilities, or any influence at all aside from their beauty. I am very interested in their geology, their durability and suitability as rosary beads, and the fascinating history of their use in various cultures. That is the information available here. You’ll find sections devoted to various popular gemstones, trade and collectible beads, vintage and antique beads, and natural materials.

The “Beader’s Notebook” at the end of each page includes quotations, handy charts, links, and a few personal observations.

The folkways, traditions, colors, and Scriptural references can all be used as springboards to your creativity. The information on durability and authenticity can help you choose durable, attractive stones and beads.
Stones: Romance, History, and Science >>