anglican rosary bethlehem olive wood

Anglican Rosary: Bethlehem Olive Wood, Jerusalem Cross


Simple olive wood, hand-knotted on cord, makes a beautiful, meaningful, and enduring Anglican rosary.

Product Description


The olive wood we use this Anglican rosary comes from the town of Bethlehem. It is harvested from the prunings and trimmings of the ancient olive trees that grow there. Olive trees are known to grow to a very great age, and it is certainly possible for trees to be alive now that were growing in the time of Christ. The trees grow shoots and branches that interfere with their ability to produce fruit. The unwanted wood is carefully cut away each year. Our supplier uses these trimmings to produce beads, crosses, and other beautiful and useful items.

This Anglican rosary is made of 8mm Bethlehem olive wood Weeks beads, carefully hand knotted on sturdy 100% cotton cord. The Invitatory and Cruciform beads are also Bethlehem olive wood, as is the simple Jerusalem cross.

Atelier-Beads has been designing and crafting Anglican rosaries and prayer beads since 2001. Each Anglican rosary is created for the person who ordered it, and it is intended to last for a lifetime.

For More Information

If you are new to the Anglican rosary or would like more information, please visit our Anglican Rosary Prayers page. You can also visit Anglicans Online.