Bosom Buddies, Part 3


The final pasties

At long last the pasties I started thinking about last April have been finished and sent in to BEST. I’m hoping they will be photographed and installed on the BEST for Breasts Etsy shop soon!! It is shaping up to be, as they say, a titillating fundraiser with pasties in every medium imaginable from broken plates to steampunk.

These are, as I envisioned, chain mail. They’re done in a Japanese inspired style with two sizes of vivid pink anodized aluminum rings. The backing is shiny foam stuff. They’re amazingly lightweight.

These pasties will really help you channel your inner warrior goddess. They’re perfect for those days when you don’t want to take any BS from anyone.

They’re also the last project Greg and I worked on together, and we had an awful lot of fun doing them. He sat at his end of the worktable opening up all those bright pink rings and passing them to me to be assembled–together with enough smart remarks and double entendres to keep us both snickering for hours. There was quite a debate over what color the backing should be. I’m not going to say who won that argument.

Proceeds from this fun and wonderful project will go to the Red Devils, a Maryland group that arranges for all kinds of services for breast cancer survivors and their families. Be sure to visit the Etsy site and make an offer for the pasties of your choice–maybe even mine!! 🙂


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