Welcome!  I’ve been collecting beautiful beads for my own enjoyment for years, and I’ve developed a discerning eye and a deep appreciation for these small treasures. It’s my pleasure to share them with you here in my online store. My mission at Atelier-Beads is:

  • To offer a collection of rosaries and prayer beads in the Christian tradition that will inspire those who use them, enhancing and supporting the life of prayer.
  • To provide resources for those wishing to deepen their prayer life.
  • To offer a small collection of beautiful, flattering jewelry that will make its wearers look and feel their best.
  • To accommodate a large cross-section of jewelry wearers “from petite to plus” sized with no discrimination.

Atelier-Beads On the Road I’ve been making rosaries and prayer beads for twelve years, and this is my eleventh year on the Web. While I was busy creating the prayer beads, my personal collection of beads–mostly African trade beads–grew by leaps and bounds. Many of these beads, primarily used for adornment, make wonderfully expressive rosaries as well.

A long standing client once wrote about my work: “Everything is handmade and to order: there’s no sense of a factory at work, just a skilled and devout craftsman… I will deal with her again in a heartbeat.” Although those words were written several years ago, I still try each day to bring that thoughtful, unhurried approach to my worktable.

I have two absolutely delightful sons, both now grown and married to equally delightful wives. In 2012 they obliged us all with  sort of grandbaby jackpot–Grandson Henry was born to Greg and Erika in February, and Granddaughter Baby Bee was born in September. They are the apples of my eye, and you may call me Nana if you wish.

The blog is about my various interests. It’s primarily intended to serve as an add-on for my rosary and jewelry clients.  I also occasionally muse on life with the Beagle, life with a Mac, my prized collection of fountain pens, my excursions into knitting, and what it’s like to care for an Aged Parent. Since July of 2011, when I lost my beloved husband of 37 years, Greg, I haven’t been as diligent about keeping up with my blog. I hope to change that now that it’s been rejuvenated.